LOCKS and BOLTS chiffon shawl 138 – Pink


Shawl in silk chiffon with hand-rolled edges.

This large shawl made of lightweight and translucent silk has a delicate pearl sheen. It is perfect accessory for a sundress or swimsuit as well as a business suit, smart dress or casual look.Many different styles and looks can be created with this shawl. This is absolute “must have” accessory for the spring and summer time.

The rich pink color of this wrap will make whole look bright and memorable.

Made in Italy.

Deluxe packaging included.

The story behind. Every door is a riddle, every lock is a guard that keeps the mystery. But there is always a key that unlocks that door, we just need to find the right one. Sometimes looking for the key is a challenge, a journey that can bring you somewhere you have never been and make you learn things you have never knew. I love old things; they can tell stories, you will hear them if only you will listen. These old iron, bronze and brass locks and bolts have seen a lot, saved many secrets and hid a lot of treasures.

Material: 100% silk chiffon



Dimensions: 138 x 138 cm (54,3 x 54,3 in)

Product reference SKU: 5c138sc65
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